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Bayong Bola

by Juan Icon
February 1, 2022 1 minutes  • 153 words

Basketball was invented in America by James Naismith as an indoor ball sports.

The problem is that it puts the goal above human height level. This makes it advantageous to tall races like Africans and Europeans. This deprives other shorter races of the chance to excel in the game. This lowers sports activity which could have improved health and teamwork.


To allow shorter races to excel in basketball, we propose “bayongball” which has the following rules:

  • A bayongball smaller than a basketball

  • A hoop height of 8 feet

  • A player height limit of 6 feet

  • Each dunk scores 3 points instead of 2 points

The 3-point dunk will be determined by referees just as they determine the 3-point shot by looking at the shooter’s foot upon making the shot. The requirement is for the player to grab or touch the inside of the ring or hoop and for the ball to go through